Global wood tech



Within our timber structures, we prioritize precision and robustness by incorporating steel connectors into our engineering solutions. These connectors play a crucial role in ensuring strong and meticulously engineered assemblies.

To achieve this level of precision, we collaborate closely with esteemed steel manufacturers located in both Asia and Europe. Leveraging their expertise in cutting-edge processing technologies such as CNC systems, laser cutting, and robot welding, we guarantee the highest quality fabrication of our structural elements.

Our approach to manufacturing is meticulous, ensuring that every component is crafted with utmost accuracy in accordance with the project specifications outlined in our detailed drawings. Through this seamless collaboration with our manufacturing partners, we not only deliver tailor-made solutions for each project but also streamline construction timelines and minimize on-site operations to the bare minimum.

This commitment to precision and efficiency not only enhances the structural integrity of our timber constructions but also underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and performance in every aspect of our work.